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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem on secrets, eyes, and lies.


 I don't trust mirrors...

But neither do I trust my eyes, for when I look in the mirror, which of us holds lies?

I know the mirror holds lies it cannot say, but my eyes hold secrets, and you could decipher them all day.

You still would get nowhere in discovering my lies,

because deeply hidden are the secrets, in these forlorn hazel eyes,

I could spend three years with you, so you could try to decode the ciphering,

but you will not get anywhere if I do not say a thing.

These eyes hold many stories, that could come dancing off my tongue,

and these scars contain my life, descriptions could fill my lungs,

but if you do not want my stories, or to help my wounds all mend,

then you will never know the secrets in my eyes you see, and you will not be my friend.

I gave you many chances, and you did not heed them well,

and now your anger rings louder, than any town's church bells, and now your hand to me you try to lend,

but you got your chance that you blew, and for you I WILL NOT BEND.

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