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Dreams among the night. Of the many routes of life.


He lays in bed and closes his eyes. A life flits before them.

Her short body sits before him, blonde hair tangling in knots as a soft breeze tickles their skin.

"Babe, come on. It's bedtime." He mumbles, tired, but understanding.

"I'm sorry hun. I'm just afraid of nightmares again." She whispers back.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you from them." He responds effortlessly, as he pulls her against him and closes his eyes.

He opens them again. Alone once more in his room. He looks around, but the warmth he felt has faded with his dream.

He sighs, and closes his eyes once more.

As they open, he is greeted by red hair, that fiery orange. She smiles tiredly at him, her curls bouncing and illuminated by screen Illuminating her face in the dark.

He smiles back, and reaches out to rub her shoulder softly. "My dear. Come on. You've been writing all night. It's getting late and you need sleep if you're gonna write a coherent story."

She turns and begins to reply, "But-" He silences her with a finger. "Hun, I let it slide last night, but I'm not letting you stay up all night again."

She sighs and closes the laptop, and he pulls her into an embrace. "Darling, I just worry about you." He mumbles into her shoulder.

He Closes his eyes as he tightens the embrace, and when he opens them, she's gone. Not a wisp remains, just fleeting memories of an idle dream.

He closes his eyes again, and as they creep open, he's met with a woman, her multi colored hair popping visibly in the dark room.

She hugs him, the frame of her glasses digging into his shoulder. "I love you so much. I promise I'll never leave you." She says, his shoulder muffling the sound.

He sighs and pats her head whilst closing his eyes. However... When he opens them, shes still there. And he smiles once more.

She's not an idle dream, she loves him for everything, and he loves her so much that he could scream.

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