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A dream of pain. And creeping fear.


He fleetingly reaches out to the hazy figure. It dissapates at his touch.

"I'll never leave." She says, driving the dagger into his back.

She appears again the next night, the same haunting lie being told every time.

He collapses as she twists it in his spine. His legs no longer work.

He crawls across the ground as she throws every bit of kindness in his face as a weapon.

The tears won't stop streaming down his face, the pain heightened by the vulnerability she exploited.

The dream dissapates again and shadows dance across the faces of those he has loved. He wonders if it was all lies for him too.

Is love a myth? He wonders this as his dreams torture him with memories and pain.

Another hazy figure appears, her face not obscured. "I'm sorry, I can't." He buries his face in his hands, begging for the torture to stop. And it all goes quiet. He looks up. A bright figure stands before him.

She reaches out and brushes a strand of hair from his face, and drives the knife into his heart,

And now the last thing he hears before he awakens is her, Echoing the lie he's heard many times before.


"I Love

"I Love You."

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