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Thank you.


You killed me.

Thank you.

The liberation from the fear of my old self is a freedom I never knew.

And though I tried to pretend I wasn't afraid, I knew it wasn't true.

There was so much I feared about myself and life.

But you showed me that I couldn't just sit and fill myself with strife.

I lived each day with a smile, a smile caused by you.

The woman who I called my best friend. In fact, I'll admit that I still do.

You were there for me and helped me see more than I could see with my own eyes.

Because you saw the good within me, no matter how much I tried to call it lies.

I thought myself too hateful, to much anger inside this boy.

But you showed me I was more than that, and that I was a cause for joy.

You gave me 17 reasons, all why you admired me.

And I still treasure them to this day and read them like some kind of religious devotee.

Thank you for freeing me. From the prison I made specifically for me.

And thank you for being there. When I needed a friend, when I needed to see.

That no matter what happens... There is much more than darkness that I can be.

Because the light that shines through is what is truly me.

So therefore now I thank you, my friend,

Because I will carry what you have helped teach me, all the way to my end.

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