Concealed Cruelty
Concealed Cruelty pain stories

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When someone you loved throws all the kindness they gave you in your face and calls you ungrateful.

Concealed Cruelty

Given what I thought was the gift of your love felt like heaven.

Being around you lifted my days from somber to beautiful instantly.

I wanted no more than to grow old with you and be happy.

But I see now that you are more two faced than I ever could have expected.

Your mother went from doting and caring to vicious and petty less than a week after we parted company.

What did I do to deserve the hate that I have been given? You give me a gift and now demand it back?

You tainted the ring I gave you with your well concealed lies.

I have no way around, for you allowed it to be taken. For what? Petty anger? Why? I thought you were better than that.

I thought your distance was forced but now it's been shown that it was you and her all along.

You hurt me with the venom and daggers, but now I'm built up stronger than you can imagine.

My walls were down then because I let you in. I asked you not to stab me in the heart, but you did it all the same. Now the walls are back, stronger than before.

You can play you petty games, but I will not play them too. This is music and my life, I will not dance to your tune.

I once held hope that you would find yourself and move forward with me again, but it turns out that you were always this way.

I see now why friends warned me away, not because of your "trauma" but because of what you are. You concealed it for so long, you were so nice. All so you could throw it back in my face.

But now your cruelty rings truer than any bell. And yet all I can still say... Is that I wish you well.

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