Comforting Silence
Comforting Silence pain stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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This saga has ended, when shall the new one begin?

Comforting Silence

He reaches out and grabs a cigarette from the pack.

He lights it and takes a drag, the smoke curling around his eyes.

Head in his hands he wills the world to reach out to him and drag him from his mind.

Everything is falling apart again and he has no clue why. His love has drifted away and become distant. His sleep has become erratic and restless.

His days drag out longer and he becomes more distant from himself. Nothing makes sense anymore.

She's finally left him. Like he expected. He always sees it coming.

Yet it doesn't hurt anymore. It's comforting for him. To know things never change.

And yet he wishes it was different, he wills it to change.

Though it never does. So he deflects any pain with humor. Yells absurdities and attempts to make himself laugh.

And he does. The pain goes away. And yet the numbness does not. He can rebuild himself one day.

And so the candle lighting this saga flickers and burns out. And for now...

The end.

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