Club Clover
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Club Clover holds no luck for lost souls within it's confines.

Club Clover

I'm sitting alone, yet surrounded by souls.

The people at the dance move to the beat of the music,

My eyes drift across the many souls I recognize, searching for the one I care about.

She isn't present. She said she was coming.

I look down at my attire. I got dressed up for her and she has not shown.

I think bitterly of the memories we share. Of the love we have laid upon each other.

Of the nights we shared together. Is it all a sham?

I hear one of the doors to the dance floor open in a temporary lull in the pounding music.

I told her to come tonight as a surprise to her. She doesn't know I'm here.

But he does. I don't recognize him, but he must know me, because his eyes harden as soon as they glimpse me.

I sit back, obscuring myself in the shadows of the corner. As soon as he looks away, I get up and move tables.

He has pointed to where I was at this point, and she's laughing at him.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was telling him that I wouldn't show up to something like this. "Not my scene" I'm sure is what she'd say.

Little does she know, he's not being paranoid. She grabs him and pulls him into a kiss, her height dwarfed by his by a good 11 inches.

I wish I could say my heart didn't break a little, but I felt it twinge. Probably cracked. This isn't the first time I've been cheated on.

I'm sure it won't be the last. They see me as the scruffy bad boy loner, and when I don't live up to that, they immediately look elsewhere.

I look down at my attire again and shake my head. This suit was pointless. She had been acting like me not being who she expected didn't matter in the last 9 months of our relationship.

I guess things don't have to be what you're expecting when you're seeing someone on the sly.

I reach into my suit jacket and grab my phone. I turn on the camera flash and walk towards them. As I draw near, I level my phone and take a picture, bathing them both in light.

She breaks the kiss and sees me smirk at her, and the look on her face almost makes me stop.

It's such a forlorn expression, and she seems so lost. I shake my head and clear my mind, and look at them again. I nod to him and speak. "If you can explain this when you get home, I expect a full explanation. If not, I expect all of your shit out of my apartment in the next 36 hours."

She becomes alarmed, realizing that this guy probably just wants a quick fuck and maybe an on and off sexual relationship after that, but he probably isn't going to give her a roof over her head.

He, on the other hand clenches his fist and starts to move his arm. I glance at him and step away. "I'm just leaving. I told my girlfriend to show up and she shows up with another dude. I was letting her know her options."

I turn away from them and the smirk on my face fades. "See ya!" I say, blending into the crowd of souls. "Eric! Wait!" I hear her call pleadingly after me.

But she made her bed. It's time to lie in it.

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