Club Clover Vol. 7
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They've made it back to Eric's apartment, but will they ever truly leave Clover Club, or will it keep haunting them?

Club Clover Vol. 7

Eric rummages through his closet, unsure of the woman in his bathroom's size. He eventually stops rummaging through the dresses and grabs a black button down shirt and a gray pair of drawstring sweatpants before setting them on his bed. He then turns and grabs a nearby towel that he had in his room from the last time he showered and quickly wiped his face.

"Comfort over beauty." He mumbles, before reaching down and scooping up a pair of sandals that he bought last summer. Snatching the bundle of clothes from his bed, he turns from the room and heads towards the bathroom door.

Echo jumps a little when she hears the knock at the bathroom door. She checks herself in the mirror and quickly wraps a nearby towel around herself and ties it in place. She then positions herself in a way to hide her blisters, and opens the door.

Eric holds out a bundle of clothes with an arm. "Take these. I figured something loose fitting would be more comfortable than a dress." He lied, afraid to mention that he didn't want to ask her size. "Also, here." He held out the pair of sandals. "I figure it'd be nice to get out of those heels. By the way, first aid kit is under the sink."

Echo looks uncertainly at the bundle in front of her but takes it. "Thank you." She says meekly, but the relief in her voice is obvious. There's an uncomfortable pause as Eric observes her silently. "I'm sorry if I'm making your night difficult." She finally speaks, looking down.

Eric's mouth quirks up into a half smile, half smirk. "Trust me princess, you're just making it interesting." He replies. His face changes from a smile to solemn in an instant. "I apologize if I overstepped my boundaries with that question earlier. It's just..." He speaks with an even tone.

"You kind of piss me off. But at the same time, I see myself in you. My past weaknesses. I can tell that you care a lot about other's opinions. And it shows." He says, his voice low.

"I'll let you clean up and change. Just, from now on... Keep in mind that the only person whose opinion matters is you. Own your life. Don't let others." He turned with a sad smile on his face and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Echo stared at the door after it closed, mulling over her thoughts. He wasn't wrong. She was rather passive. She looked up at the mirror and really took note of how tired she looked.

'Starting tonight, I'm trying. I'm definitely going to own my shit.' She opened the cabinet and found the first aid kit. She set it next to the sink, before stripping out of her remaining clothes.

Eric stood not far from the bathroom, looking out the window up at the night sky. 'Who heard me? Who decided to humor me when I asked for a companion?' He thought to himself. 'Or is it all just a pure luck coincidence?' He shook his head and turned. He smiled when he saw his favorite chair. It was a deep cabaret red with memory foam cushions.

He strode over to the chair and rummaged through the shelf next to it before withdrawing a book from it. 'I could read this play many times over and never get sick of it.' Eric thought to himself.

He cracked open the rather small book and began reading. The worn cover was splitting and discolored from the repeated use. The words 'A Doll's House' on it were worn but still legible.

Echo stepped into the water, having turned on the shower, the warm water gently caressing her skin. She reached for the soap amd began to lather her body, trying to forget the grime of the day.

After spending about five minutes of scrubbing her body and hair, Echo rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed the towel she had wrapped around herself earlier and toweled off before dressing in the clothes Eric gave her. She sat on the toilet and began patching up her blisters with the first aid kit.

After a bit of wincing and stumbling through patching up the blisters, she finally managed to create something that vaguely resembled a bandage on each of her ankles. She turned and opened the door to the bathroom. Stepping out into the hallway, she caught a glimpse of Eric. He was immersed in a book.

She momentarily was entranced by his features, a soft smile creeping onto her face at the childlike wonder that graced his visage as he read. He seemed to go through so much pain, but to still find wonder like that in a book gave her hope. Abruptly, without looking up, Eric called out to her.

"You know Echo, if you take a picture it'll last longer. After all, It's much more polite to stare at a picture of someone, rather than stare directly at them like a madwoman." Eric looked up at her, a cheeky smile on his face.

"Still up for coffee?"

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