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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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You deserve so much more than a poem.

Chasing one

Please help me fix myself.

You've seen every last flaw I have.

I've shown you my innermost weaknesses and my darkest secrets.

You were afraid of guys after him. I understand. Abuse can create fear.

I've had a crush on you for years. Waiting for my chance.

You're a timid person. You call yourself mouse.

My mouse I chase.

I'm much like a cat who gets bored after the chase is over. But you intrigue me.

There's more to you than I can see. I want more than to chase you.

I want to make things special, you deserve so much good in life.

I wish I could undo the bad memories. So they couldn't cause you strife.

Because I'd hate to see it if your smile filled with strife. Because it would be like cutting out all the happiness with a knife.

So my dear, even if you're scared, I'll be patient. Because this is a game of cat and mouse I could get used to.

I enjoy spending my time with you. You brighten my day when you walk in a room. Even if you don't know you do.

I care for you very much. I never want to cause you pain.

Because to cause you pain would to be to fill my day with rain.

So I'll sit and I'll wait. I'll slow down.

Because I wouldn't mind to in this chase drown.

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