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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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You don't know.


How can you think you know me, when you only look skin deep,

never looked inside another's soul and took a flying leap,

you think you have it figured out, you simple brutish lout,

but you don't really have a clue,

What life is all about.

for the world that you know,

it simply isn't true.

Get to know the kid down the block,

truly peer into your best friend,

for if you can see deep enough to see how they see it could mayhaps come to be,

A perfect tomorrow is impossible,

but you can make it better,

see what is there to see,

and be what you can,

a brutish life you have lived,

but what is life in the shallow end?

Jump in deep,

take that leap,

show the world that you care,

and what the world sees is a fair human,

for you have your own fate to deal with and it is not just some fifth of your heart in it. Remember that nothing is what you see it as, because life is an iceberg,

you only see twenty percent of the story,

for the rest is greater than skin deep,

so just trust in facts,

see the truth,

and don't act so uncouth.

If one fact from this poem can be gleaned,

it's watch your assumptions for what they could be,

because assuming is a thing that can make an ASS out of yoU and ME.

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