A Wish
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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I made a wish, oh how I wish that it came true.

A Wish

If only Christmas wishes came true. Because my Christmas wish was you.

There are many who I have caught their eye, but you are the one who has caught mine. I've had a heart that you once held.

But you gave it back to avoid any harm.

You always admired my ability to work words like a charm.

And I admired your prowess at weaving a piece of prose.

I spun poetic words for you, you were like an undiscovered rose.

But your feelings never reciprocated the words I spoke,

Because you didn't love me, leaving me the butt of a cosmic joke.

For when I loved as I loved then, It made me pick up my heavy pen,

But then that love all went awry. But that was fine, I did not cry.

You didn't love me. That was okay. But that was my wish, on Christmas day. A gift worth getting that was never mine,

But after you I still do pine, for your voice still rings within my mind,

And I still one day wish to in your arms, myself find.

Sincerely yours, The Boy Who Wished.

P.S. You're still on top of my Christmas list.

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