A Text to My Former Self
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A text to a different person. Before... everything.

A Text to My Former Self

By FallenShadow

Hey T. I miss you kiddo.

Remember when you broke your leg? Yeah. Me too. We didn't have to do anything for a month or so.

Remember when dad got you that gameboy that he watched get run over by a car?

Remember how it still worked great? Those were the days, huh, kid?

Do you remember where we went wrong? What we could have done to prevent it all?

Because I sure don't. How old are you now? Just turned 8? I feel bad for you kid. You don't know how bad life is going to get.

I know you love mom, but say goodbye to mommy. She's going to grow cold.

Cherish your time with Amber kiddo, Sister is going to go live with her dad.

I wish I could tell you how to avoid this all, to avoid the pain, but I can't. Sorry.

But I will tell you this.

There's a future for you. It may not be with mom, but it's a good one. Things get better kid. Mom gives you up. You go live with Dad.

Your life as you knew it is gone.

Kid... you don't know yet, but I would give anything to go back, and be you. To have always been you. I'd love to be able to see live through your eyes again.

Because life is hard. And I'm a loner now. Not many friends.

Hard to imagine, huh? Not being a bubbly, happy little kid. Not being popular.

Friends are hard to come by. So is money. Cash is tight, kid. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Everything goes away.

It probably sounds scary. But trust me kid, it'll all make sense eventually.

Sincerely, Your Future Self.

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