A small anthology of poems
A small anthology of poems love stories

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A small collection of my work from a few years ago.

A small anthology of poems


Standing here, my eyes are clear, no longer do I shed tears, I stand here waiting for the girl I love, Listening to the cries of mourning doves, Perched here on this hill,

no money in my pocket to pay the bills, But yet she smiles and she loves me too, so maybe in the end it could be true, on wings of love I soared and flew, But now I land on this perch,

this spire, my heart gives a lurch, am I a man for hire? Do my thoughts speak love true, or is my heart telling me lies about you?

Is my love worth a mess, even though I may feel blessed, I cry my tears of shame down this hill, maybe, baby, my life can pay the bill.


In the breeze, I float free, used to hang lively from this tree, but now the wind blows, as beauty comes to blows, and my stem snaps, and at the flood gates, many tears lap,

my life is falling apart, into the dark unknown, but upon me, the wind has blown, my colors change from lively to dull, and the falling rain pierces me, like a ship without a hull,

I land on the ground, waiting for the pound, the feet and boots that crush my existence into dust.

I am a leaf, and I was alive, until I reached my time, and I tried to hold on as I lost my hold, and I change color, beauty becomes me,

but As I land my existence is lost beneath the feet and grassy sea.


Well, It's pointless and trivial, caging yourself to one alone, but that cage make that person home, sweet yet fragile, cradled love, quite like a child,

i have no words for the things love takes, it stabs your heart, burrows into your soul, but still somehow, despite the pain, love makes you feel whole.

I never meant to make you cry and gaze into those tear filled eyes, my heart betrayed by my mind.

I lied when i said I didn't care, It just hurt when you weren't there, pain stabbed my chest you see, the pain in my chest of being me, so stay and smile, and maybe I'll be happy for a while,

for alone i am hated by myself and berated, but together with you i could fly.


Slayer of shadows, slayer of dark, bearer of sadness, and bearer of marks, Flayer of souls, Pen of white flame, hurt but whole, He is to blame,  blame unto him, as his light grows dim,

into the darkness that makes your head swim, risking even life and limb, he pushes up, his fingers claw the dirt like cups, muffled but there, her voice pushes him for a breath of fresh air,

he ascends through the six feet of dirt on top, but he digs and will not stop, she has saved him from himself before, and he will not ask her to save him once more,

so he becomes what he needs to be, and he digs to become free, all the the while thinking, you before me, is how it's supposed to be, not me before you, like they tell you to do.

For You.

Moonlight filters through your window, breaking softly across your sleeping form, You wake up neither late nor early, but answer every question like it's the norm.

I draw upon your love like a loving parasite. But in return, you draw upon my love for sweet dreams every night.

I live in a constant trancelike state, because I'm with you and without you I would hate.

I would hate the world for every passing breath, as someone complains that their life is ruined by evil like meth, and then feel sad that it's stolen by away by the truth of death,

who is laughing as they are grasping and holding at their last breath.

But you are with me so I don't mind, and with these words, myself to you I bind, "My dear I am yours henceforth, and I would follow you to even the icy north,

and if you should be on the doorstep of death I would gladly for you, give up my breath, for you, my love, deserve that breath, Even if I have to pull it with a knife from my chest."

Fall From Grace.

One bird. Two. In the sky they fly. 

One bird. Two. In the air they flew.

One bird. Where's two?

One bird. Two fell from the countless stones you threw.

Live bird. Dead. Your stone hit it's head. 

One bird. You. 

No bird. No you. Henceforth world is red.

Live bird. Dead. You reared your head.

No bird. You. Who killed its friend but you?

One bird. Two. Now joined by three. 

Three birds. Four. They come knocking at the door. 

Four birds. Three. This is how it has to be.

Three birds. Two. They leave quietly as they coo.

One bird. No you. You should have left and ran from bird and crew. 

Red bird. You. Death of two you now rue.

Bird. Dead you. That was the last chance you blew.

My Inferno.

I wander through the halls, as this imagined hellfire licks up the walls,

I stand in this Nether realm, and think as I roam. 

"Am I alone in this world of hellfire and walls?" I moan.

But no comforting voice is my solace this time. 

This world has severed the ties of all I love, and bleached me of hue, leaving me a colorless mime.

I glance around, gaze up and down these halls, and hate these blank white walls.

It's an inferno of my hell, forever racing the tolling of the bell.

The pairs of souls lost in here are finite and endless, a pain of fake love, burn with the one you scorned. 

But I know for sure, at my funeral nobody mourned.

For I was already dead, in their hearts and minds.

And for my death to be so lost, as my soul was not there to find.

I was lost in my inferno. 

And now I have to go.

As The Glass Turns.

The sand slowly drips down,

Signaling the end of this pointless clown,

I brace for the end as the blade comes down,

I scream that I don't want to die,

I will not lie,

I have not yet lived enough to say goodbye,

But as the axe comes down I recieve only a small prick,

I look up to see what happened here and found upon the blade no nicks,

So why, therefore does my clock still tick?

I looked up more and found that time had stopped,

I looked around and my jaw dropped,

The man who should have taken my head and it from my neck lopped,

Had very simply begun to bring his axe back up.

I waited for some yelling and the demand of my blood to fill their cups,

But silent was the crowd as the axe rose back up,

I wondered why the world had stopped my death,

Why in the world had someone wished for my breath,

For my very breath was as toxic as meth,

I looked up and saw something I hate,

For the very sight made me quite irate,

The hourglass was turning and reversing my fate.

I looked around once more and resigned myself to this fate,

And walked to the glass,

I gave it a push,

I walked away,

Sat down,

I shed a tear, let out a breath,

Smelt the flowers in the air,

I very quickly wondered,

What comes next,

I laid my head down

And accepted my death.

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