A Poet's Perception
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A perception on how one can feel like they can fight off the world's injustices and sadness with poetry.

A Poet's Perception

Words flow endlessly,

changing and challenging my inner embassy.

The diplomat of my soul sways,

but the conviction in his and my heart stays,

the road ahead lay shattered,

rubble filling the streets, while buildings stand battered,

ancient grudge awakens hate within me, festering pain and poisoning my seas.

Despair claws for a hold,

but loses its grip as this poem unfolds,

For I'm like a shotgun wielding Soldier, blasting back my pain to keep it at bay, but my light powered bullets fade with the day.

Night falls but my fight does not,

my blade needing needs no ammo so I will not sit and rot.

This is this poet's perception,

I will not fall for deception,

I fight with my pen to touch others hearts,

to defend from the darkness and practice my art,

to let everyone know about the darkness within,

and to help those in darkness let the light in.

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