A note to all my past loves
A note to all my past loves poetry stories

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Thankful you came, glad you went, sorry it hurt.

A note to all my past loves

I've known so many people, and I've held so many hearts.

I've loved too many people, and I broke myself apart.

I've held so many beating hearts, so full of love they spill.

And I've been the knife that dug in so deep, that you'd almost think it kills.

To all of you whose hearts I've held, I'm sorry for breaking yours.

But you took bits of mine with, and I bits of yours so I'd say these hearts are ours.

To you Isabella, who I met when I was 3, and like naive kids we kissed.

I was surprised when 7 years later came and we saw each other again, I was surprised to be the one you missed.

I didn't think you'd remember, but you did. I know you went through some shit and I was your safety blanket once more.

But in the end I moved away, and broke your heart at the core.

To you, my next love, Willow. I'm sorry I failed you. I know you'll never get to read this, but I hope your ghost will.

Because I know it hurt so bad to live, but I didn't think you would yourself kill.

I know I hurt you badly, I don't know If I broke your heart or not. Because you closed yourself away and told me goodbye.

And then I never heard back, so so I'm guessing you did what you said... And went to die.

Jules. Julia. You should know, your heart was already broken. I broke it more.

And to be honest, it didn't bother me, as I was honestly quite bored.

I should feel bad about it, but my heart is burned away.

Now hopefully you'll keep a good distance and away you'll stay.

Bella. Yes, I know you say you still love me.

But I still want you to really sit down and see.

That I know I broke your heart. You told me for a fact when I broke up with you.

I know it hurt, but like I said, I was not a good, and our relationship would not do.

And Jilli. Jillian. I'm so sorry for being an asshole at the end. We were working so well and then you decided to end it out of nowhere with no explanation.

You should understand that I know why you did it now, not that you'll ever read this, but I know the feeling you left on me of devastation.

And you. My redheaded friend. Gods... I know you couldn't reciprocate my feelings. And that broke your heart more than anything.

But I understood, because it was what was right for you, regardless of my feelings, in the end, the knight does not get the the queen, that's the role of the king.

And you, Angel. Not that you'll read this either. I'm sorry if you really like me.

I'm sorry I can't reciprocate them back, but you're too young for us to be.

Finally, we come to you Caela. I know you're not a poem person. But I want to apologize in advance. My heart is broken, and has been for a long time.

I just want to be sure that no matter what, you understand that I'm like a broken set of chimes.

I can make beautiful music, but with pieces missing, you'll never hear the whole tune.

And I advise to either learn me or run away real soon, because I'm best learned or left, like a long forgotten rune.

So to all these wonderful people who's hearts I have held and broken my hands.

Remember that I thank you. With every grain of time's sands.

You've brought to life in me bits that would never exist,

But also hurt me in ways that made me clench my fists.

You're still here with me, your pieces of your hearts. Whether broken or just chipped, you've helped me get this far.

And now there are bits of you all that are part of me, and they're stuck to me like tar.

And I thank every last one of you. You helped my heart grow safer.

And I apologize to all of you.

Signed, The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

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