A Heart, Him, and Her
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem/thing for her.

A Heart, Him, and Her

A heart beats in time with yours.

His heart.

But it doesn't beat loudly.

It doesn't beat fast.

It just keeps pace,

Makes every beat last.

It shows in his face.

His smile is bright.

You brought calm within his storm.

You brought bliss within his pain.

He'll scare you with his mind sometimes,

But he doesn't want you hurt.

He wants you to be accepting of him.

His many flaws.

He's not perfect.

Probably not entirely what you want.

He cares for you deeply.

He loves you.

But you don't feel like that yet,

Which scares him more than death.

Because he's looking for happiness,

Within an ocean of sad,

And he jumped in and swam.

He'd seem quite mad.

But he's not actually crazy,

But definitely not sane,

Just a boy and a man who are tired of pain.

He's rather unlucky,

Always loses that which he finds,

And he's afraid that with love,

He'll end up quite blind.

Because in the pursuit of happiness,

After you he might have ran,

But if he does,

He sees a future where you're lost to another man.

Because he desires no more than a simple, happy love,

But his luck won't allow it,

He's got less than a bug.

So essentially he says,

That if his soul were a train,

You could get on and love,

But not too deep so you can sever that love.

Because he's afraid,

So take your strings of love and chop.

He doesn't think he's that lucky,

You'll probably get off on the next stop.

But, he said he'd show you his writings in rune,

And then perhaps you'll get the things he says,

And you'll run towards him too.

And if that day comes,

He hopes that you love him deeply,

And your hearts will beat in tune.

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