A Fool's Folly
A Fool's Folly drowning stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A fool is a fool, no matter who.

A Fool's Folly

I'm a fool.

Just fate's tool.

Nothing more,

Please just close the door.

Lock me out before I'm too deep in.

Life is making this fool's head spin.

Why? Why do you say those three words?

I'm now stuck here with you, among humanity's herds.

I didn't want this.

But those damn words can't miss.

Like a fool I'm trapped within your world,

And here I'm waiting, for my wings to come unfurled,

But there's no movement forward here for me, you've got me in stagnation.

And now my soul has turned into a grenade, Which kind? Fragmentation.

Like Medusa, you've trapped me here in stone.

I can't yet leave, you dug your claws in to the bone.

This isn't love, it never was, for you forced me here with lies.

I've yet to truly free myself, hidden under your guise.

I'm trapped under here rotting, burning up from the inside,

I hope while I'm burning, because doesn't heat rise?

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