A fact about me series six
A fact about me series six fear stories

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Another fact to learn

A fact about me series six

By Tyler.

Hey, back again. Here's yet another thing to know.

I'm gay.

Just kidding.

That's not the fact. This is. (I'm also not gay. )

Truth is, I have no confidence in my writing in the slightest.

Not kidding, I really don't understand why, but I feel like everything I write is terrible.

I also have no confidence in myself. I may put out a confident air, and act like a sarcastic bastard, but to be honest, I'm really insecure. I'm afraid of angering people because I hate attention. I was Diagnosed with PTSD and depression, along with bi-polar disorder, so can go from completely calm to panicked and paranoid in two seconds.

I fear this is my greatest flaw because I treat myself like utter crap. I have huge trust issues, and have a lot of issues getting emotionally attached to things or people. That causes a lot of breakups.

There. That's my fact.

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