3:03 A.M
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A call out to the future girl of my dreams. May I someday find her.

3:03 A.M

It's 3:03.

I'm not tired.

Sleep is nowhere to be found.

But as I lay here, I can think of endless dreams abound.

I've always dreamt of love, never though a girl that I could see,

I've always been chasing shadows, wondering who she could be.

I dreamt last night of something, that gave my slow heart quite a lurch,

For I dreamt of a future where love keeps, and stays pure and ceases the search,

I was happy there in the future, the girl that I had was grand,

I always treated her gently, and like a gentleman, I took her hand.

I dreamt of a future where I was happy, something I thought long ago bland.

I assumed that it was stale to be happy, always looking for some promised land.

Land in the heart for a love to grow, where opening up was enough.

I thought I had made myself empty, but this dream for sure called my bluff.

She said I'm glad that I met you, the time we waited was really just rough,

She said that with me she was happy, even though I'm not jacked up and buff.

I'm just myself and a writer, I try to be everyone else too.

But i realized they're not my Identity, and nothing but me will do.

I'm beaten and bent but not broken, a shell of a boy with the core of a man,

I stood and fought for my hope then, in a place where others had ran.

I remember I said, "my dear if you'll have me, I'll make any sacrifice for you."

She smiled and kissed me softly, "but Ty, you've paid your dues."

I hugged her as the dream faded, I awoke grasping for strings with my hands.

And now I sit waiting and watching, I'm counting down every drop of those sands.

It's 3:24 now, still no sleep, which is quite pleasing.

But this is sleep I need here, this moment is for seizing.

Goodnight my future love, may something watch us from above,

But you don't love me yet, so it's something I'll wait until I get.

But should you fall for another my love, go ahead, love them, I'll find my own, there's a plan in this universe I'm part of.

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