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these are my thoughts now adays, since my college is supposedly coming to an end, and i have to figure out a way to sort everything straight.

what's going on?

by fallengrace

Its that point of life where you start a new journey

But how to start a new journey when you don’t have any clue what your destination will be? how to start when you don't have any idea what your purpose is?

People say follow your dreams

I say what to do when your dreams change every day? Every morning you wake up with a new hope, a new dream, a new destination.

Every night before sleeping, I think what’s going on?

Because in the morning I still am the same,without any clue of what I will do next with my life. How people plan their full life is beyond me. i can't plan a single day.

Why can’t life be like movies?

Where there comes a ‘self realisation’ scene and then everything becomes perfect. Like everything gets sorted, and planned.

But how can that be true?

Because in real life there are a hundred self realisation moments.

Sometimes I wonder,if its just me who is lost?

But then I see people,who are following crowd without a destination or purpose, just following. Atleast im never going to do that. if i will start a journey, it will be my own.

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