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christmas special-although a bit late, but hey lets keep up the celebration spirits!!!

unknown (christmas special)

by fallengrace

As I stand here In front of these happy faces, I realize I’m not happy at all I don’t have anyone, no one I love stays with me, my mom died, my father's whereabouts unknown

Who would want to befriend a freak, who doesn’t talk, I’m not pretty, just a guy with red hairs and my blue eyes, which apparently I got from my mom

I envy these kids, of my school with perfect families still behaving like fools How can they treat their parents like shit, is what makes so me mad

But still their parents loves them back, and I stay the bad I’m shy, don’t know what to say to start a conversation, maybe which is why no one pays me any attention

Then I see him, the school popular brown head boy, with dimples heading my way I start to wonder if he will mock me too, or maybe beat me up for fun sake

But then he shocks me by giving me his hand to shake, and telling me his name Brody, as if I wouldn’t know He asked mine, I said Austin, obviously no one knows

He calls his friends and introduce me to them, saying I’m their new best friend That was when we were 15, and I couldn’t believe I could have a friend

As I stared at my best friend now, his dimples showed laughing at something someone told

I remember asking him once , why did he asked me to be his friend that Christmas , didn’t he heard how much of a freak I was?

He replied, "when I looked at you I saw someone not a freak, but a frightened boy, and you know what struck the most? Seeing you made me feel as I wasn’t the only one, I was frightened too.

. Same as you, for different reasons. So when I saw you, I saw me.”

That was the first Christmas I celebrated for the first time in a long , and standing here at 25, I knew atleast this celebration would last lifelong.

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