Ugly Truths I Don't Want to admit

fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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we all have those secrets and fear we never want to admit out loud.
but now i think is time i do mine

Ugly Truths I Don't Want to admit

by fallengrace

Life isn't perfect

My life, my parents,my family, my friends nothing makes sense sometimes. Hell even i don't make sense more than many times, nothing's perfect. I'M NOT PERFECT

That my mother doesn’t love me for me

I wish I was more girly,more into clothing, more skinny, more like my friends - so my mother could love me instead of reminding me how ugly i was every chance she got.

My friends don’t get me always

No matter how more of a family my friends are to me,sometimes they don’t get me. It sucks when you know them better than them, and they don't.

Im not good at words

Maybe if I was more of a sharer, my life would have been easier.But its not me I can't express my emotions, thats why everyone thinks im rude and insensitive, sadly including my friends.

Im not perfect

Im not “beautiful”, im more like a menlike when it comes to manners, cleanliness and lifestyle. which makes my mother wonder who's gonna marry me, as if my life's aim is to just marry.

Im insecure,Im not confident

I hate it that inspite of being that one person who tell everyone to be secure in themselves, their body,I myself have insecurities, my body to the way I speak to me being a 20 year old soul.

And most of all-I killed my inner child

always being picked up for ur appearance makes u believe them. i never could enjoy any games coz i was too scared to crush my friends. and i wasnt even obese just chubby. so i stopped playing

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fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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@kmokami13 always!❤❤

kmokami13This isn't happening.
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*holds a FREE HUGS card* Want?

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You communicate well :-) Sure they are the truths - but not ugly. Nothing is ugly when you share.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This was, apparently, a difficult introspection. I applaud you for your strength in surviving all that torture and for having the courage to share it. This is more of an essay on parental mismanagement than it is a story. You are good with words. At least with written words. Your tale was one fine piece.

fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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@shana learned the hard way, but yeah they suck!!!! :); )

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
a year agoReply
ignore the haters :( :( <3