The Battles Unknown
The Battles Unknown body-shaming stories

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We all have battles we fight in solace. <br/>Its time we embrace our scars,<br/> and let go of the pasts

The Battles Unknown

by fallengrace

"What we see is the known, what we can't becomes the unknown"

How easy it is for some to claim that some people behave for attention how easy it is to say they don't suffer coz they don't have scars they can mention

It's easier said than done to forget what past holds

It's harder to let go

It's hard to wake up in the morning

When all you want is to sleep forever

It's hard to look in the mirror

And not cringe, at the idea of imperfection that it blinks its hard to just smile at the reflection we can't hide away

It's hard to laugh

When all you want is to cry To fell numb to make to pain wither away

It's hard to just be normal

Because everything that has happened, that has left an impression, making everything else hard to enjoy

It's almost impossible to move on

From the ugliness that we held on from the darkness we don't let go

But this isn't the way

Darkness can't hold the light at the bay Every storm still ends with a rainbow Every dark tunnel has a light on the way

I know its hard to let go of the past

I know its harder to just be yourself To breath in midst of chaos of our demons To just forget

But remember

You've made it so far, you're no loser You're a warrior, the best one - one of a kind You have survived what others would have left in between "YOU" have lived the storm

Now just let go

So light can warm ur broken soul Broken - Yes But beautiful nonetheless Let that beauty shine, Leave the vultures to whine Let go of the past that holds you still It can happen only if you will

You have won the battles unknown

Don't let them scare you anymore

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