My last thoughts?

fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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We all are always struggling with being ourself vs being people's favourite.
But what happens when we lose ourselves for people who never cared?
What will be our last thoughts ?

My last thoughts?

by fallengrace

As I lay on my grave,

I think about the things I craved From peoples opinions To random stares

Now I think how stupidly I behaved

From wanting their support, and behaving in a certain way What was all that for?

As I lay near my end

I wonder why was there the pretend ? Why I changed the way I laughed? Why I changed the way I dressed? Why I destroyed my childhood dreams? Why I wanted to be someone else?

i now know why

‘Coz I was afraid of what people will say But where are they now? When im lying here alone Where are they, their opinions and blames?

No one’s here except for me

Now I lay on my grave thinking How stupidly I changed the reality of me For the made up reality of these.

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fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
a year agoReply
@sohineedey thank you love! 😘

sohineedeyI love spilling ink in the form of words
a year agoReply
Indeed very thought provoking!! Good job for your first attempt at poetry,girl! Keep up the good work!! ^_^

fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil @pluto thankyou!!! it means alot getting feedback on your first attempt ☺😉

plutoPlanets man
a year agoReply
awww this was an amazing first attempt. very very thought provoking

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Awe-inspiring power in that you invoke the last thought ever. This is well written with thoughtful words meant to inspire inmtorospection.