I'm Done!
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fallengrace lost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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these were my feelings while trying to break a long term relationship.

I'm Done!

by fallengrace

I’m done with you for manipulating me I’m done with you for blaming me

I’m done With you trying to say yes only to say no I’m done With all the false promises you made to me a long time ago

I’m done being left hanging in between Coz you’re actions aren't what you're words used to be

I’m done trying to save something that’s lost somewhere I’m done trying to be the perfect girl you deserve

I’m done trying to pretend I’m happy when I’m crying inside I’m just done with this relation falling apart

Yes I’m running away from this, coz I can’t stop and see the mess you are making of this beautiful thing we had... i'm just DONE!

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