Ever Felt Like
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Feelings have a thing of making us feel things that we can't justify....

Ever Felt Like

by fallengrace

Giving Up

because no matter the circumstances you feel worthless, from the bottom of your soul as if you are empty and there's nothing that could fill that void

Running Far Away

where no one knows you so just you could finally be you no one stopping you or judging you. So that your dreams, choices, preferences can be yours only- no one else's

Just being quiet

so you don't have to deal with arguments anymore just being mute,so no noise could distract your peace

Just withering away in fictions

because there lies a hope- of something new and adventurous and also because you don't want to face reality anymore

Just dying for a few seconds, minutes maybe

So you could see who would care

To feel something

to have something that makes you're stomach flutter that makes you feel something, anything to tel that you aren't just breathing but also living

Or to just feel numb

To not feel any pain, any scar any memory to just be neutral to any feeling

Just Being You for a Change

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