Dear No One?
Dear No One?  love stories

fallengrace lost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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dear no one? or someone you've known your whole life, and couldn't see ?

Dear No One?

by fallengrace

It was out of no where when you asked me out, Okay! 14 years of friendship, and years of your constant persuasion isn’t no where,but still!!

I couldn’t reply anything, you thought I didn’t understand your feelings, I thought I was too was good for your feelings

The problem is you don’t even know your own worth, You are a real gold inmidst of this crowd of copper You are just… you and i couldn't help being selfish, keeping you all to me..

The way you hold my hand,or kiss me makes me wanna believe that I can be someone’s truly The way you look at me makes me wanna believe im the most beautiful girl you ever saw,

The way you are, so patient with me so gentle and forgiving, it makes me wanna respect you more every day Never did I thought I would be wanted by someone so much,

My version of fairytales always had a dark prince,not a real king I was taught how imperfect I was, im and will be, but you…

You dumb idiotic irritating monkey, you have started making me feel beautiful about me I might not love you right now,but I have started adoring you,as more than my best friend

People always say, loving your best friend is the best I don’t know that yet, but whatever we have, our small world we live in is enough to make me believe in something beautiful💙

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