Dangerous Specie
Dangerous Specie chosen-family stories

fallengrace lost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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that one specie of your life -which you chose to be a part of

Dangerous Specie

by fallengrace

in life you meet a lot of people but there is a dangerous specie who stand out of that lot

the one who knows every single aspect of your soul

the one's who have been in your life for your awkward teenage years just being awkward beside you making you of all a bunch of weirdo's

the one just being themselves

the one's who are always unapologetic and are quiet pathetic the ones who put shame to every mistakes you've done , coz they have done worse hun!

the one who is always by your side no matter black or white

the ones who makes you laugh , by acting strange on their behalf the ones who hold your hands, when no one understands the ones who let you cry, without asking the whys

the ones who let you shine without a single whine

the ones who pride your success, as well as supports you to distress the only ones who knows what you feel coz they had their own share to deal the ones who don't judge and never hold any grudge

these species are hard to find but easy to intertwine

so don't lose these idiota's coz even if you find the whole world you won't find anyone like yours girl!

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