Bled indeed

fallengracelost✨,wanderer🌟,young✌,wild mind👿
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Bled indeed

by fallengrace

Was someone watching when I bled Those silent tears, Or did my sorrow just flew Down the drain without known as who

But YOU You always knew didn't you? That I was losing it all, I was fading in my abyss While you stood there as voyeur you are

That was when I needed someone the most Not related, wishing for someone anyone who could gave a damn at all

I was struggling to keep a charade Smiling bright , while dying in the dark

I never cut myself Not physically atleast But mentally I scarred myself Beyond belief

With you running my thoughts I started covering it all Layers and layers of lies Each to cover a part, that wasn't your beautiful Something you made me believe

And N OW

I stand in front of me Watching the same sight You made me believe was ugly Thinking all the words you said Believing them all As they were true indeed

In the END I bled after all

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