Please By:FallenAngel
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fallenangel Just someone who loves to write and read
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A string of words. One of importance.

Please By:FallenAngel

“Please” I ask, desperation leaking into my once hope filled eyes. But, no. I am ignored. By those who have been given the title as family. Treated as a burden. When will I be enough?

“Please” I say as they walk away. But they don’t answer. They only walk away, backs towards me, like I never existed. They were supposed to be my friends. Why can’t they see that I trusted them?

“Please” I plead. Body broken and corrupted. Why won’t he stop? What did I do?

“Please” I whisper. I’m lonely. Doesn’t anyone see? I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

“Please” I say. Tears cascade down my cheeks. Why are you leaving me? Don’t go.

“Please” I say when I am abandoned by everyone and everything I held dear. When will this torment end? Or will it just go on forever?

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