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Hey guys! Let's continue with the story! (Next day - 9 a.m. in C.W.U)


Hey guys! Let's continue with the story!

(Next day - 9 a.m. in C.W.U)

Crystella wishes for Mr. Argon and takes her place.

Argon looks at her for a moment, and says, "Thanks a lot for the work yesterday, the research was really good and very very detailed."

Crystella smiles and looks at her laptop which is in front of her.

Suddenly, the phone rings and Crystella passes the call to Argon.

"Hello, this is Argon from C.W.U?"

"Oh! Sure, of course!"

"Now? Ok, we'll come there in about an hour."

"Yes, thank you!"


Crystella curiously asks, "Do we have to go somewhere, sir?"

Argon replies, "Yes, to the head branch of Jwellericious Things"

Crystella, "Oh ok! Do we have to prepare anything??"

Argon replies, "Yes, but just a few files and the research you did."

Crystella comments, "That's great!"

Argon asks, "Sooo, Ummm did you get breakfast already?"

Crystella replies, "No, not yet. I wasn't hungry. But I realize now that I am, hehe"

Argon smiles and says, "Do you want to get some now?"

Crystella replies, "Ahh uh sure....."

Argon and Crystella go to a nearby convenient store, get some bread and start eating it at a table outside the store.


Suddenly, Crystella speaks, "The bread is uhh good uhh isn't it?"

Argon nods

Again, Crystella gets a phone call and she looks at Argon, wondering whether she should pick up or leave it. Mr. Argon nods smiling.

"Oh, hey!"

"Really? Thanks!"

"Yeah, see you then!"



Argon asks, "Who was that?"

Crystella smiling replies, "That was Atlas, my-"


Argon gets a call, and he walks away to take it, claiming that it's personal.

Crystella just sits, and Argon comes back.

Argon says, "Let's go and prepare the files."

Crystella nods and they both go back to the office.

(It's been around 50 minutes)

Crystella asks, "But how are we going to get there, sir?"

Argon replies, "We'll be taking my personal car."

Crystella hesitates and nods.

(They both get into his car, taking all the files, and endure 15 minutes of awkward silence before reaching the head branch office.)

On reaching, Crystella goes out first and opens the door for Mr. Argon, he walks out and smiles at her. Crystella looks here and there and finally finds Atlas waving at her.

She walks towards him, with Mr. Argon following her, confused.

Atlas smiles and happily greets his sister, "Hey there."

Argon asks confused, "And you are..?"

Atlas says, "I'm the general manager of this company! Nice to meet you, Mr. Argon."

Argon, "And you too. And I'm assuming that you are her boyfriend?"

Atlas and Crystella burst into giggles.

Crystella says, controlling her laughter, "Sir! This is my brother, Atlas. You didn't give me time to say it earlier!"

Atlas, "Indeed!"

Argon, "Oh! I'm sorry, this is awkward...."

Atlas smilingly says, "It's alright! Let's go and meet Mr. Cyrus."

Argon, "Yes, let us!"

Atlas leads them to Mr. Cyrus's office and motions them to go inside with him.

Argon and Crystella look at each other and enter, following Atlas.

(They enter to see Mr. Cyrus seated in his chair, disappointed on his loss. He looks up and says, "Have a seat"

Argon and Atlas take the 2 seats available, and Crystal next to her brother)

Cyrus thinks for a moment and says, "So I assume - you are Mr. Argon and Crystella?"

Argon replies, "Yes, indeed."

Cyrus further says, "So, Atlas, today you do not need to work. Just focus on the robbery along with Argon and Cryst-"

Crystella cuts him off, "I'm really sorry to interrupt Mr. Cyrus, but would it be ok if we investigated in this building as well as your house??"

Cyrus smiles at her intelligence and replies, "Oh of course! You can begin now, as a matter of fact! Atlas, show them where it was located in my house."

Atlas nods and all 3 of them leave.


I know I said it would have been released back then after the first part, BUT I had writer's block and couldn't come up with ANYTHING! Literally!

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