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about me

a little confession

I'm a bad person and i know it

i accidentally or not broke lots of hearts

i always think about not existing things

i always sit still even if i know i need to do something

i always act cute so make others happy

i don't aperciate my parents enough for taking care of me

i said many lies about some people accidentally or not to others

i copy cat some stuff to make sure i do it right

i don't help others when i get in danger

i'm a selfish liar

i misjudge others

sometimes i see others from above

i sometimes draw others to myself by cuteness

i lie about myself to others

i sometimes stay silent when i need to say something and let something bad happen

~i hate myself and i know i'm a beast~

~i don't know what to do with myself being like this~

~idk why i'm writting this now ~ maybe because you don't get into my trap~

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