To Wonder if the Pain is there
To Wonder if the Pain is there stories

fakerosesI was born as a burden to the world
Autoplay OFF  •  2 years ago
Can't get past the tragedy....

To Wonder if the Pain is there

If endless sorrow steals you far away

Tell me our hearts won’t fully separate

No words will fill the distance that may lay

Cause your eyes won’t be as desperate

And if time can’t heal your wounds completely

Recollect the thoughts you once had before

To when a goodbye was said scarcely

So you can have the memories to conjure

Through loss we learned of a tomorrow

I could finally see your pale face

While we passed each other’s lifeless shadow

Yet with long strides I couldn’t keep your pace

As if it was still that day, together Inside of you......

Inside of you, fated and forever

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