The fields were roaring
The fields were roaring
 hooligan stories

faithywrites My eyes see in words
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Can a hooligan offer beauty?

The fields were roaring

I plucked a dandelion

They called me a destroyer

Should’ve left the beauty of nature to herself.

The icy windows stared blank

I put a ribbon on them

They called it grafiti

Should’ve kept beauty to myself.

Your tears were falling

I offered you a shoulder

You called me a creep

You called me a creep, a pervert

You called me a creep, a pervert, that’s it

Should’ve left your beauty untouched by my love.

The sun-kissed soul broke my heart

What do they call this?

They called me a cheater ‘cause boys will be boys

I deserved it that’s right,

I deserved it that’s right, a piece of junk the world won’t look on

I lay on the broken ground with no more a tear

Should’ve kept all the beauty I’ve poured out unconditionally.

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