Be A Fighter
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faith We are who we are for alot of reasons...
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Life is hard. We have grudge, regrets, loss , anger... all this is preventing us from moving on. It's time to let them go , don't let it turn you a monster because that's not you...

Be A Fighter

by faith

Holding it within you, Stopping it to come through

A lot of harm it will do Slowly but surely will eat you...

The grudge that you hold The betrayal that you got

The anger inside you The pain that you go through. Stop, just stop holding all this within you Coz its time to know That this will just empty you.

The memories that bring A tear in your eyes

You smile and laugh though But Just are a fake expression to show. Don't hold, just don't hold Those tears in your eyes For one day, cry and shout Because it's needed to come out.

The feeling of that numbness The fire of revenge

The guilt of the past Had for long within you last. Let it go, just let it go No good will they do Don't let it eat up you.

No one can pay for That loss once you had.

The warmth, the hugs and those kisses All those things of love are now misses Face it, just face it You had ran for long Now it's time to be strong.

Don't let the darkness surrounds you

Don't let the anger feed on you Don't let the fire of revenge burn you Don't be a monster coz its not you. Be a fighter and fight it through.


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