Life is a journey not a destination
Life is a journey not a destination life-happy-support-survive-quotes-inspirational-l stories

faith We are who we are for alot of reasons...
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Enjoy your life before its too late. Value the people around you who loves you and most importantly value yourself. Don't be afraid to fall but never forget to stand again

Life is a journey not a destination

by faith

A lotof time we

Get so caught up in what we want to achieve, that perfect picture, that end result that we forget what life is all about.

Take a deep breath and

Look around yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy each moment, to admire what you have, to observe the world around you, to appreciate the people around you.

Don't let that

Greed to decide your deeds. Don't let fear to control you, to paralyse you or to make you someone else, weak and miserable which you are not.

No doubt you may fall

But this life is not about how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you stand up to continue.

Look around yourself

And you'll be surprised that you are so lucky to have what are just dreams for many people. Appreciate what you have, work hard and most importantly Love yourself.

Life is too short.

Have no regrets, when you close your eyes forever. Thankyou♥

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