Let Down Your Hair
Let Down Your Hair rapunzel stories

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Let Down Your Hair

"Hello, my little Rapunzel." He smiles, petting her head.

The girl named Rapunzel looks up at him with tear-stained eyes. "Please, no more."

He shakes his head, a bit confused. " But I brought you a gift."

He reaches into his bag and pulls out long locks of golden hair.

He walks over to her, squatting down and picking up her long hair. He braids in the new addition, never to be taken out.

"You look beautiful, Rapunzel!" He says excitedly. "I would have brought you more, but the girl I had was such a screamer, and so difficult! Tomorrow I'll work harder, okay? Just for you."

The girl named Rapunzel starts to cry harder as her captor exits the room, locking the door to the attic.

She has a ten-foot-long mane of dead girls' blonde hair, and no matter how hard she pulls, she will never get it off.

She will never get out.

She will never live her happily ever after.

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