It hurts.
It hurts.  poetry stories

failure_express laziest writer, 13 yrs
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Of religion

It hurts.

You're offering yourself to them.

Why do you listen to them? You're not useless. You are perfectly fine.

I pray for your puffy eyes, I pray for your wet smile, I pray for your tear-stained dresses.

Do my words reach you?

I want back the girl who could face everything. I want back the girl who could face everything alone. I want back you.

You don't know this is happening, do you?

Everyday you're Repeating the same mantra, Prostrating yourself on the bed, Worshipping the 'you' you wish to be, The father you wish you could have.

Even when the incense smells,

As heavy as the tears you shed,

"I pray that you can accept yourself."

"I pray that you can accept yourself, " I repeat,

Just to hear how incredulous it sounded.

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