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#Toothpaste and pastry


It was a day of summer .i just returned my home from my school.it was exhausted all day long for presentation on class science project.

However,all of a sudden my mother informed me about her Delay for coming back home as early. She also gave some responsibilities including exrta care of my cousin.

As she was about to arrive our house within a moment with her grandmother. She was a tiny little girl who was ardent fan of pastry.

But before her arrival i never knew about that. However, when she came to our house ,she started playing With me .

Later,it was unexpected as she was looking for pastry. I tried to make sure her that Dont worry my liitle sis "Your pastry wiill be available any time. You just have to control your paitence"

But beacuse of her liitle soft mind,she didn't get my point Rather she started crying Her grandmother asked me just let her cry.

Moreover, an idea was came to my mind. I took some toothpaste Then homemade cake which were at freezer,put some tooth psste on cake.

Next,i told her if she stop her cry ,i will show a magic. She stopped her cry When i started showing her Those cakes which are covered with toothpaste.

She again showed her smile. But i told her i wont give her These cakes until my morher comes. She loved my mother She agreed and finally brought Smile on her face.

In the mean time i already called my mohher about everything of plan.

My mother was pleased Beacuse i handled the situation in a smart way.

She assured me that she would bring pastty for her liitle Niece .

Finally, i managed the whole situation with the help of toothpaste. Stiil ,i recall the day. It was such A wonderful memory with toothpaste.

Thdnk you

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