The way you see me
The way you see me feelings stories

fai Smile all the lover
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#The way i see you... my autumn evening

The way you see me

Every precious moment i see your presence

The way i feel your pain

Embrace your love What it is called Cherish you Your abesence No its our fondness together

I know you are around When i walk through the beach in Autumn I listen the music comeout from the giant waves Waves are there beacuse They want to compose song

Hills under water remain silent As they want to be the audience of the song of waves

The sky create a lyrics But i can understand What is the meaning of that Poem of sky May be yoy are thousand or hundred or just a few miles away

But still now i can make our song for singing togethet On this autumn evening I miss you Wanna be with you Just only for you Because my love for you Eternal.

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