Recollection of love
Recollection of love feeling stories

fai Smile all the lover
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Recollection of love ....time was quite fast on its are not mine

Recollection of love

I just fly high above the clouds

Luckily, with my convinced mind Found your photo From a phone box I was elated.

Time was quite fast on its way But i feel that it's not ages You are not mine. I tried hard .....our romantic Kinship wasn't work

I was all alone Just tried myself how to Heal the moments Sounds of small waves Were my best friend Whispered into my ear..,".don't Need to be Down cast

It wasn't rose Its you who always Mesmerised me ....with Your lovely prank....

Under the meteor shower I just wanted to recollect My love Love may be desire Every so often Love is pessimistic

But this hope for love Waiting isn't harsh Paitence is fragrance Bright sunny cheerful ... Makes mind delightful

For recollection of love Thank you🙂❤

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