Missing you
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fai Smile all the times.cat lover
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Waiting is a name of painful mind

Missing you

Waiting is a name of painful mind

When you around it feels something special going on...

Without you even i don't want to see myself....be it black and white or be it dull around me

Smile only when i see our beautiful memories on my personal gadget.

Fragrance of a tree .. Brings a sense of relaxation

The color of sky always Mesmerising.... Hours and hours Want to feel the emotion of sky

I adore....adorne myself Because it is you Who force me to do all Of these.

Mountains are beautuful But void present there I can feel that..... By heart Just like me ..... If Mountain perceive someone come to visit here mountain start to smile

When you around me I never fall When you are not ....but somewhere I miss you.....

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