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On a special day i asked him how much he loves me

#Level of love

#On a special day i asked him how much he loves me

He smiled But with no reply I didnt insist him. As I know Love can't be measured

It was our first time meeting Though i was reluctant But i wanted to spend Some precious moment With him

He didn't say anything I started asking him 'How are you' But no answer

Then i orderd coffee. I always love coffee with Sweet talk Again i asked him About the level of our love

He remained silent All of a sudden My mood got sad Coffee..ah just a drop of coffee Fell on mine hand But i have no sensory May be ....i didnt feel anything

After an hour.. I realised it was a photo of my Favourite actor.... Then i loved At the same time I felt that he started conversation ....

I realised it was love for famous individual... After that i stopped over reacting... Finished my coffee..... Just commenced for coming out From the shop

But i was astounded.. I couldnt understand What to do I was perplexed.. As i thought 'what was happeni g".... My favourite actor was in front of my eyes

I couldn't believe myself Then i just went to table just opposite to him.... I couldn't hold myself I asked him for an autograph...

Moreover,i talked with him.. I told him how intense my love For his performance...and never Wanted to miss his any series... But i didn't tell him about the Whole what i was thinking..

Beacuse i know every love Has level....... Nothing is impossible beyond this level... My love is called fan love It holds level tooo...

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