are my firefly are my firefly feelibg stories

fai Smile all the lover
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Blue ocean are my firefly are my firefly

Your care is like blue ocean. You are my harmony. When i look at your eyes .. It gives me a trust I know you are my concern You are my blue ocean who always holds me like blue ocean

You are my blue sky Where i can fly I can create my pure dream It gives me a positive vibe As i feel you are taking care of my mind. That's why when i feel cry You too fall your eyes drop

Beacuse you want to let me know that you cover my sadness. Rain turns more captivating I feel like i can dance in the rain.

You are my window Through you I can see my love For you. My feelings for you Which will never ended

You are my blue canvas Where i can draw my hope My fantasy My forever loved one....

You are my blue butterfly Who reflects brightness You are my blue evening When you and me only With a lamplight.. Behind is empty but nothing to are with me

My endless .....forever love my Firefly. My love only preserved for you❤

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