A rose and girl
A rose and  girl fiction stories

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Glaicia was fond of rose.yellow rose her favourite and She never talked that person who didn't give rose when they visit their house.

A rose and girl

Glaicia was fond of rose.yellow rose her favourite and

She used to avoid that person who never brings rose when they used to visit their house.

But one day everything was changed . When she fell down due to excessive task of her class Her mother planned to keep her at home for a month

It wasn't bring happiness in her life As she always wanted to play With her yellow rose garden Which adjacent to her home.

She requested to her mother Let her go at least to the yellow Rose garden once in a week . But her mother was stick on to Her decision.

And then she started drawing Her yellow roses All of a sudden she got some paper from her drawer She discovered that these Papers were filled with dust

These might be kept here for ages But the interesting note was that she never knew there Was some paper before these Coming out from the drawer

Later, she went to her mother Quickly Asked her about these paper However, her mother didnt Say anything rather she said It got her surprised that there Was something into the drawer.

Beacuse that desk which holds drawer wasn't bought It was actually glacia's grandmother's favourite desk She used to spent her time on that by painting.

Then she decided to ask this to her dad Her dad was a busy man He had never enough time to spend with his family .. Only on weekends glacia could Have spent time with her dad.

It was the day before weekend. Her dad was at home. When she asked her dad about The drawer and paper incident How she found those papers Which related to her grandmorher

After knowing this ,her dad started to tell her that Her grandmother was exactly Like glacia. He also mentioned that when Glacia's granny was young She was fond of drawing on paper.

But her family (granny's) never Liked this. They were against this beacuse they used to believe that it would be ruin her normal life. and always tried to prevent her From doing drawing and painting. Though they knew It was her passion and like glacia she loved to draw and paint flower on paper.

But the passage of time, due to family pressure she wasn't able to continue her passion It always got her pain inside Eventhough she tried to overcome her pain by doing her Drawing at her room secretly. But it never gave her that kind of happiness which she wanted .

Beacuse if anyone can't do their passion or dream freely Their result of passion never Comes out fully. At the end of the day someone's Passion turns in to dust as Ancient pieces of their painful Memory inside the box or somewhere. accidentally if you find that memory ...it brings cry But you can't express it to others or may be at that moment there is no one who is very close to you.

This was the reason glacia's Granny locked her passion In the drawer. After that shd never tried to open it. Glacia's dad said to her that Her granny always wanted provide her passion to her Children. It wasn't happened But glacia did it.so that het dad was very drlighted .he wanted to let her continue her passion

As it would brings smile on her Face and she will be go up It could be help her to reach Her a place where she would Find tranquility. After hearing this her mother understood that she was wrong And she told glacia ..she could play at that garden which was a yellow rose garden ....she could have awake her passion..finally.

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