The Taste of Love
The Taste of Love

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fahad Community member
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The taste of love

The Taste of Love

is it a chemical flavour? a tongue feeling a skin touching a face smelling

is it a very light electric? firing that scary only at the start driving that body to ...

the most enviable era an undefined right eyes to the left eyes to the right

on no body checks on no body techs

me ... in disengagement with grace having a great heart ... is no more good

need to be back to a human kind with extra brave like no one finds

baby I love you before you born seen you grown alone and alone

Knowing you with different name different ride

school is a school alone ... in my room

sorry to miss you with my stuff asking you to leave because ...

my chair is my chair

blind isn’t love blind is a sight

Satellite for animals spirt for people.

love is like me never being never being

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