Young Love
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faeriegirl5 Me being my raw self
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You were my everything, My whole world.

Young Love

You were my everything,

My whole world.

I put you before any of my girls.

You told me you loved me from the very beginning.

You were my first everything and someone that I believed in.

One day you became jealous and mean,

Hacking into my computer then making a scene.

Acting different and telling me lies,

All so you could just beat me and spit in my eyes.

Held me down I had nowhere to go,

Then took advantage of me when I kept saying NO!

Not sure what hurt the most,

The physical or emotional abuse.

I was so young and I stayed and you did you.

Best thing I did was put a restraining order on you,

When you showed up to beat me at my school.

I still loved you, or so I thought.

You kept haunting me after the thought.

Age and time heals all wounds,

But this has scarred me to the bones.

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