How I See You
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faeriegirl5 Me being my raw self
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How I See You

How I See You

As I sit here full of all these feelings that do not make sense,

I close my eyes and see your face. That face that I fell for years ago.

The face that I have dreamt to fall asleep with.

Those perfect eyes that just look deep into your soul.

The eyes telling me how badly you need me.

Those soft, so pure,

It tastes so sweet, feels so right.

The way your lips curve to show that beautiful smile

And the sound of that laugh makes me go wild.

Those hands have hard work written all over them.

They feel so nice all over my body.

It's not just about the physical, you have an amazing soul.

You don't see it but I do and you need to be told.

They way you have been going through life has to change,

Because you deserve everything that you have gave.

You need to realize your worth because I sure do.

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