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faeriegirl5 Me being my raw self
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Ever feel so alone?


The walls are closing in

Can't seem to move or breathe

I cant take all of the pressure,

That is being put on me.

All I do is try, try, try,

But in reality I just want to die, die, die.

Loneliness is real,

This pain that I feel,

Keeps growing and growing.

I am not knowing whether to run or hide.

I look up to the sky.

No answers anywhere.

I am fuckin' scared.

Eyes full of tears.

Look down there,

That knife is sharp.

I ask "do I have the guts?"

It can be all over,

I can be free from this life of pain,

But something is holding me back.

Am I a little bitch?

Or am I just having second thoughts?

My head is going in circles.

Just please let me die.

I cry so hard

Need this pain to go away.

New life, new love, new hopes and dreams.

Just one slice is all it takes.

I can watch myself bleed

Until the pain is no longer there.

Who would cry? Who would care?

Put that knife down, come back to earth,

Don't be stupid, theres always someonewho cares.

But it doesn't matter.

I always feel alone.

They should be here by my side and know what's going on.

The loneliness is killing me,

Can't you just open your eyes and see?

The pain is written all over my body and face.

Please help me from making this mistake.

I don't really want to die but I'll do it

Just to ease the pain.

I cannot go on like this living in vain.

I am just so alone.

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