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(This is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, btw.)
Asgard has finally been rebuilt in a safer location, and for a while everything is perfect. Not a single crime... until the Contest of Champions was brought in, the winner earning the title of Commander in Chief of the Asgardian armies. That’s when a new Asgardian shows up - a warrior maiden called Sigyn, with bloodred eyes and what seems to be a checkered past with the goddess Sif. Who is she? And what is she up to?

Lady Loki


It was nighttime, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell. What with all the craters in the ground spewing lava and the fires burning everywhere, the red smoke blotting out the sky.

The fire giant Surtur sat on his throne, waiting. For what, exactly? He wasn’t quire sure.

Then, from out of the sky, a raven swooped down and dropped a scroll of parchment into Surtur’s lap, then flew away.

The giant flicked his wrist and the scroll unfolded before him, and he began to read.

It’s all in place.

“Good,” Surtur thought. “Very good indeed. Now my ungrateful daughters will have what’s coming to them. And the New Asgard will fall.”

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